Plumbing Permit

Procedures for Plumbing Permit Applications

Plumbing Permit Applications must be filled out completely and forwarded along with payment to the township administration office.  The permit will be reviewed by the Plumbing Inspector.  If the work is being performed by a plumbing contractor, all licenses must be included with the application.  If the application is mailed, a receipt and copy of the permit will be returned by mail.  Applications also may be printed and carried into the office or picked up and processed same day. No plumbing work shall be started until a permit for such work has been issued by the township office.  A permit is not required for repairs which involve only the working parts of a faucet or valve, clearance of stoppages, or repairing or replacement of defective faucets or valves, provided alterations are not made in the existing piping or fixtures.

To obtain plumbing permits, an applicant shall be an authorized licensed master plumber in this state OR a homeowner installing his/her own plumbing.

Any questions regarding plumbing permits should be directed to the Plumbing Inspector by calling the Tittabawassee Township Office at (989) 737-9108.