Special Land Use Permits

How to submit a Special Use Permit request to the Planning Commission:

A Special Use Permit is required for all uses listed as allowed by Special Use Permit in each zoning district. A permit may only be applied for to establish a use that is allowed by special use permit in a specified district. A Special Use permit is discretionary in nature. A Special Use must first meet the guidelines established for that use in the Zoning Ordinance, Article 15. Additional requirements may be imposed by the Planning Commission during the review of the permit, depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the proposal. A special use permit requires a public hearing.

Material to submit

  • The Township will supply you with a special use permit and site plan review form.  Please fill each form out completely.
  • The following is a list of items each site plan must include - if they are applicable to your project. This list is called the Site Plan Review Checklist. It is helpful to provide this to your engineer or architect. The Planning Commission uses this checklist to review the plan so it is wise to follow this list.
  • All site plans must be prepared and sealed by a licensed engineer, architect, landscape architect or surveyor.
  • One (1) copy of each plan must be submitted, including one (1) copy of elevation perspectives of any buildings to be constructed.

Time line for review

  • A special use permit requires a public hearing. The notification for this hearing must be printed in the paper and sent to all property owners within 300' of the subject property.  Application for a special use permit must be submitted forty-five prior to the Planning Commission meeting. Planning Commission meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 5:00 pm.
  • All site plans must be delivered to the Township office by 4:30 pm, 45 days prior to the date of the Planning Commission meeting. The Township’s planning consultant will contact you to discuss your site plan and suggest revisions prior to the meeting. Should you wish to remain on the agenda for that month’s meeting, revised plans must be submitted by 4:30 pm two (2) weeks prior to the meeting. Plans that require a longer period of time to revise will be considered at the next month’s meeting.
  • Incomplete site plans will not be reviewed by the Planning Commission. It is our intent to provide you with an efficient review and approval of your plan. This can only be done if the plan is complete and prepared according to the Township’s ordinances and rules.


  • The Township charges a fee of $600 for each special use permit. This includes the plan review fee, but no other professional fees for reviews requested by the Township or required by law. This fee pays for the cost of publishing the notice of public hearing and the professional review of your plan.
  • If a drainage review or other professional opinion is necessary to review and/or approve your site plan, an estimate of fees will be provided to you prior to any reviews being conducted.

How the process works

  • The Planning commission will receive a copy of your special use permit and site plan prior to the Planning Commission meeting.
  • At the meeting you or your representative will be given an opportunity to present your plan. The Planning Consultant will comment on the plan, including any recommendations or conditions for approval.
  • The Planning Commission will discuss the special use permit first to determine if the use is appropriate in the district. If the use is appropriate, the site plan will be considered. Approval of the special use permit is contingent upon approval of the site plan. The Planning Commission will then vote to approve, approve with conditions, deny or table the plan to a specified date, which is generally the next meeting.
  • If your plan is tabled for incomplete information, you will have one (1) month to produce the necessary information and be reheard at the next Planning Commission meeting. After one (1) month, your site plan will be removed from the active business of the Planning commission for incomplete information. A new special use permit application, site plan and fee may be submitted at any time after that.