Zoning Board of Appeals Application

How to submit a Zoning Board of Appeals application

This is the process to request a Variance Request, Ordinance or Map Interpretation of an Appeal from Administrative Decisions.  the Zoning Board of Appeals Application must be filled out completely and returned no later than three (3) weeks prior to a scheduled Board of Appeals hearing.  All mailings will be sent to the applicant.

Materials to submit

  • The Township will supply you with a Zoning Board of Appeals Application.  Please fill the form out completely.

Time line for review

  • Zoning Board of Appeals requires notification of all property owners within 300' of the property.
  • Applicant will be notified as to when the Appeals meeting is scheduled.


  • The Township charges a fee of $600.00 for each Zoning Board of Appeals application. This fee pays for the cost of professional review of your request and notification to property owners.