Fire Department

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Tittabawassee Township Fire Department is to serve the community by protecting the lives and property of our residents as well as our neighbors by providing fire safety education, medical first response services and fire protection.  We provide these services through volunteerism, professionalism and dedication with the equipment provided by the community.  We are grateful as a community for the people who give us their time and dedication.

Department Roster

Fire Chief
Philip Shaver

George Corbat

Dan Martin
Matt Bell
Joe Laking
Doug Ortega

Asst. Chief
Gary McLaughlin

Mike Underwood

Fire Prevention
Don Ortega

Fire Fighter
Fred Cain
Jeff Deichman
Bill Geurts
Bobby Knake
Anthony Martin
Lindsay McLaughlin
Cody Muscott
Art Weber
Brian French
Gabe Howard

Burn Permit Information

Open Burning Publication 2021
Fire Pit and Permit Information

 In order to obtain a burn permit, please complete the burn permit form and email it to

Tittabawassee Township Burn Permit

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