Township Manager

Manager Information

The Tittabawassee Township Board of Trustees approved hiring Brandy Federspiel to fill the position of Township Manager at their September 20, 2022, regular meeting.  Her official start date was October 1, 2022.

Brandy has worked for Tittabawassee Township for 17 years, serving in various positions throughout that time. She resides in Tittabawassee Township with her husband and children.


The Township Manager is appointed by the Township Board to execute the policies established by the Board.  The Manager exercises fiscal, administrative and personnel direction over all Township Departments except for the statutory duties of the Supervisor, Treasurer, and Clerk.  The Manager also advises the Downtown Development Authority, Planning Commission, and all other committees established by the Township Board.  

The Manager also oversees projects in the Township lead by different departments.