Backflow Device Certification

Resdients that have yet to fill out the backflow device certification are asked to do so as soon as possible. The form can be found here.

Tittabawassee Township is required by Michigan State Law to eliminate possible contamination into the public water system due to the inadvertent and accidental introduction of chemicals and materials that are widely used in today’s homes and businesses. This program, known as Cross Connection Control, is multifaceted and uses education, site inspections and water backflow device installation and testing as its cornerstones. Many causes of drinking water contamination and public health crisis’s have been directly traced to cross connections between a water system and another non-potable water source. A good example of such connections is between your home and an auxiliary water system (like a well); building fire connections, water powered sump pumps, an underground pool fill system or an irrigation and lawn sprinkler system. Because of these possibilities, State law and Plumbing Codes require such cross connections be protected by a certified Backflow Prevention Device. Backflow prevention devices prevent the possibility of water back flowing or back-siphoning into the public system should there be a large water demand such as a water main break or an emergency condition requiring large volumes of water, like to fight a fire. Devices are mechanical in mature and require periodic testing to make sure that they are functional. Because you may have a device installed on your premises, you must complete one of the following items to ensure your water service is properly protected.

  1. If you have a backflow device, that device needs to be recertified as functional by an ASSE certified tester. Your certified tester will have the necessary testing forms and is required to submit the completed forms to the DPW prior to the deadline.
  2. If you have a backflow device installed on a system that you do not currently use or is now inoperable, you are required to still have the device tested by a certified individual. If you wish to abandon an inoperable system (like a broken lawn sprinkler system), please contact this office for additional instruction. Regardless, proper abandonment must be completed prior to the deadline.
  3. If you do not have a backflow device you must certify so by completing the “Backflow Certification” form in full and return it to the Township DPW as directed below prior to the deadline.

Once your device is tested, email the results to Once the “Backflow Device Certification” form is completely filled out, click “submit”.

In the coming months, Tittabawassee Township will be conducting a Lead & Copper Inventory also required by the State of Michigan. As part of the inventory we are asking that you fill in the line on the “Backflow Device Certification Form” that asks what type of material the water line coming in to your house (usually in the basement) is made of. Further information will be forthcoming once all of our data is collected.

Thank you for your prompt attention,
Kenneth Dey, Director of Public Works