Public works

In the event of a water & sewer emergency:  
Call 911, personnel will be paged!


Director of Public Works
Ed Brown

Deputy Director of Public Works
Christopher Burback

DPW Foreman
Dennis Sanford
DPW Secretary
Cathy Eschenbacher
Tracy Ainsworth

Water and Wastewater Operator 

Matt Bell
Brad Keyes

DPW and Water Operator
Mike Underwood
Nick VanNorman


The Department of Public Works at Tittabawassee Township operates and maintains 48+ miles of water main, 24+ miles of sewer main, seven wastewater pumping stations, and 431 fire hydrants.  They are also responsible for the entire operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant including a field laboratory where analysis of the wastewater is conducted daily.

Each year Tittabawassee Township purchases approximately 200 + million gallons of drinking water from the City of Saginaw.  The Township has approximately 2,367 customers connected to the water system, as well as 2,019 sewer accounts. The largest customer is the Saginaw Regional Correctional Facility.

The Tittabawassee Township Wastewater Treatment Plant treats approximately 200 million gallons per year.  After proper treatment of the wastewater, it is discharged into the Tittabawassee River.

What is the round metal thing in my yard?

Do I need Inspections?

Can you help me with a sewer problem?

What is the black box on the outside of my house?

I saw someone turning a valve or using a hydrant, do I call some one?

I see a wet spot continuously on the ground, is this normal?

What are those ponds at the Department of Public Works?