Downtown Development Authority



The Township Board established the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Fund in 1988.  The DDA was formed to sustain and improve the redevelopment of the downtown village area of the Township. A Board of nine individuals representing various segments of the DDA District and Township provide the direction for the activities of the DDA.The DDA continues to invest in businesses with the goal of more jobs for the County of Saginaw and more tax base for all concerned.

Schedule of Meetings

The DDA meets the third Wednesday of every month at 11:30 a.m. in the Township Office.

Ken Buck

Vice Chairperson
Matt Rappley


  • Joel Cabala
  • Christopher Graebner
  • Rick Hayes
  • Jeff Kipfmiller
  • Frank Roenicke
  • Roger Richter
  • David Schauman
  • Harry Steib
  • Paul Vasold